Despite the low quality of the divisive attacks on Palestine solidarity activists, this series of attacks and the Zionism and racism that underpins them have been discussed and addressed extensively:

“Please help us overcome the accusations against If Americans Knew” at If Americans Knew. 

Includes extensive discussion of the kinds of accusations against IAK, messages of support, etc.

“The Jewish Voice for Peace Attack on Alison Weir: JVP Loses its Balance,” at Louis Proyect’s The Unrepentant Marxist.

Amith Gupta, an NYU law student and Palestine solidarity organizer details what he calls the movement’s “increasingly problematic and racist politics”. See also Louis Proyect’s “In Defense of Counter-Punch” discussing the witch-hunt that took place against him, Gupta, and several other publications simply for publishing this defense of Weir. 

“Henry Norr on the accusations against Alison Weir” at KPFA’s Voices on the Middle East and North Africa.

Henry Norr, a Berkeley-based peace activist and journalist, discusses the attacks on Weir. Begins at 38:27.

“Why I think JVP and US Campaign Are making a mistake regarding Alison Weir” at Mondoweiss.

Russ Greenleaf, a JVP member, explains why the attacks on Alison Weir and If Americans Knew are not merited. 

“The Case of Alison Weir: Two Palestinian Solidarity Organizations Borrow from Joe McCarthy’s Playbook,” at Counter-Punch.

Jack Dresser, head of the Veterans for Peace working group on Palestine and co-director of the Nakba Awareness Project details his beliefs about If Americans Knew. 

“A Letter to Jewish Voice for Peace”.

Alice Kisch and Molly Hogan, themselves members of Jewish Voice for Peace, give their opinions about the expulsion of Alison Weir. 

“An Open Letter to End the Occupation” at Media With Conscience.

A Palestine solidarity activist writes an open letter criticizing the US Campaign’s decision to expel Weir.

“Racism and the Movement to End the Israeli Occupation,” at Counter-Punch.

Palestine solidarity activist Paul Larudee asks why the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation refused to condemn Zionism as a form of racism in its “anti-racism” principles. In their response, the leadership of the US Campaign refused to condemn Zionism as a form of racism



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